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Fluid mutations of an interconnected hybrid system

Is the AI Collection i created for Chroma Flora Exhibition, where artificial intelligence bring to life a surreal and utopian vision of biotechnological convergence. This artwork provides a nuanced exploration of the dynamic coexistence between natural and artificial elements, illustrating an incessant cycle of mutations and interconnections that seamlessly fuse the realms of the natural and the artificial.

The dissolution of boundaries between organic and artificial elements takes on a futuristic resonance, evoking a holistic perspective of a world where the synergistic convergence of these systems embodies the essence of advanced sustainability and innovative equilibrium.

I contributed to the exhibition by showcasing a loop video and an image displayed on the Muti Screen (also minted on Muti Mintbase Shop Hybrid Ecosystem LOOP on Muti Mintbase, Hybrid Ecosystem PIC on Muti Mintbase). Additionally, I presented a video projection in the entrance tunnel of the exhibition space, I discussed my role as a multimedia artist at  Muti artist Panel. Furthermore, I curated the immersive visuals for the after-party.



NATURE X TECH – A Hybrid Art Exhibition at Estufa Fria

Join us 12th-17th of December for ChromaFlora – an exhibition merging art, technology and sustainability at the Estufa Fria in Lisbon. A collaboration between Muti and Artsies Collectives with Estufa Fria, the show experiments with how art, technological innovation and nature can coexist in sustainable harmony

ChromaFlora features over 20 physical artworks and over 50 digital pieces in the lush greenery of the Estufa. Showcasing over 80 local and international artists, the exhibition also features an extensive two-day program of talks, workshops, art tours and conversations on climate resilience, art for a digital age, creativity, sensitivity, ceramics, art-tech, regeneration and more.

With both collectives behind the show focused on supporting up-and-coming artists, the exhibited artworks share a common theme of nature and sustainability with Muti Collective commissioning the physical pieces from Portugal-based artists and minting an equivalent NFT for each piece, while Artsies Collective represents international digital artists exploring nature and technology. In its totality, the show posits how nature-focused artists can work for a sustainable future in our current hybrid world. 

Artists and projects exhibiting physical works include Arta Raituma, Carlotta Premazzi, Celina Vogensen, Daphne, Eparpillé, Evgenia Emets, Katherine Shapiro, Luís Luzia, Madalena Marques, Marzia and The Spaceshipproject, Randal and 204 No-Content. Full list of featured digital artists available on


ChromaFlora reaches its conclusion with a ticketed after party at NAV – Nunca Antes Visto (Campo Pequeno 79), 9pm-6am, featuring artists Mr Bubble, Juju, Umhume, Jamamoi b2b Paul Cut and Better Call Karl b2b Drizer AC, vjing by Nick Sarafa e Carlotta Premazzi-Glitch&Flower.


This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of Zeitls, Goethe Institut Portugal, Dvue, Bueno.Art and 204 No-Content, as well as the equally generous support, advice and work of Ali Cochet, Carlotta Premazzi, Daniela Nunes, Filipe Guimarães, Iikka Juura, Madalena Marques, Maria Kruglyak and Nuno Ferreira. /


Press preview + opening 11th of December, 6.30pm-9pm

Public opening 12th-17th of December 9am-5pm.

Public program

Friday 15th of December

David Harder, Zeitls | 12pm-1pm | Art Tokenization Narratives: Ethical Fusion of Art and AI for Sustainable Futures

Lucía Salas, Raiz | 1pm-1.30pm | Building climate-resilient cities with a decentralised network of vertical farms

Emma Conley, Genomic Gastronomy | 1.30pm-2pm | GRIN Residency: Cyber agrarian forecasts

Gianluca Boccadifuoco, | 2.30pm-3pm | Streaming NFTs: Making digital art more accessible

Juliette Cottu, Artsies | 3pm-4.30pm | Uncovering your creativity through research and investigation 


Saturday 16th of December |

Doc Gumbs, Dvue | 12pm-12.30pm | The fundamentals of NFTs: Ownership, royalties and artist empowerment

Maria Kruglyak, culturala | 12.45pm-1.20pm | Digitalisation and its impact on art and culture

Arta Raituma, Marzia Braggion and Madalena Marques, Carlotta Premazzi, muti collective |  1.30pm-2.30pm | Meet the artists – A glimpse of the artistic creations of ChromaFlora

Evgenia Emets, Eternal Forest | 2.30pm-3.30pm | Guided tour: Eternal Forest & art experience Religar in Estufa Fria

Aurélie Delater, Realities in Transition/S+R+ARTS | 3.30pm-4.30pm | Tech, artistry and nature: European art-tech opportunities for artists

Samuel Deslesque, TDF/OASA | 4.30pm-5pm | Technology & land: Regenerative villages for a nature-backed economy



NATURE X TECH – A Hybrid Art Exhibition


Estufa Fria, Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon, PT


Muti Collective, Artsises Collective