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💫⚡🦄 L U C I D D R E A M 🦄⚡💫 The Voxel: a bio NFT door for the metaverse @Inner Work – NFT art exhibition + talks and perfomances – Lisbonweek, Matéria Crua, with MuLabs
Inside the cube, inside my mind.
Lucid Dream is a serie of Interactive AV installations/Performances using a EEG sensor as input.

The performance took place inside the Voxel Cube, a bio NFT door for the metaverse, a metaphor for the inter-relationship between the physical and the digital world, the artists real-time brain waves are captured to decode emotion and relaxation and translated into visual art and sound, offering a new level of communication between artist and audience.

The bioNFT’s of the real-time bio generated audiovisual performance is available on muLabsDAO OpenSea as part of Mulabs Artists BioNFT’s Collection.
//This Artists bioNFT collection have the goal to raise awarness for transformational technology, techno-shamanism and help us developing a descentralized bio-data marketplace for mental-health.

📷pics by Luis Xandy Anjos, Xico Texeira, and a frame from my mind




NFT art exhibition + talks and perfomances - Lisbonweek


Prata Riverside Village, Lisbon


TouchDesigner, Resolume Arena