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A Idade do Silêncio


A Idade do Silêncio is a multidisciplinary spectacle – physical theater, human puppets, video art.

“We live in a tension between permanence and transience in life and total impotence when facing our condition of finitude.

This creation reflects on our relationship with the temporal dimension, putting in conflict the frenzy of contemporary man and the immediacy of everything, with the time of the elderly and their need for habits that, incorporated into life, become everydays’ poetry, establishing an ongoing and lasting relationship with the world.”

Premiére 2017 | Discipline Multidisciplinary | Language Non-verbal  | Duration 35 min.

Creation and Direction Julieta Aurora Santos
Interpretation Luís João Mosteias, Sérgio Santos

Soundtrack Tiago Inuit
Videoart Carlotta Premazzi
Puppets Lukasz Trzcinski

Scenography Luís Santos, Carlos Campos
Costume Designers Sandra Santos, Adriana Freitas

Financial and Management Sónia Custódio
Executive Production Miguel Marques Silva
Promotion and Graphics Frederico Salvador




Sines Arts Center


Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Resolume Arena