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InSomnio is a multidisciplinary spectacle – physical theater, acrobatics, video and original music – based on a medium / large format scenic structure, with an architecture and several mechanisms that will cause mutations – and surprises – throughout the performance.

Through a language of a contemporary, metaphorical character and non-conventional narrative, in this creation, the Company continues to practice its investigation of a scenic writing for the street, based on a language that puts in dialogue and articulation, the different artistic disciplines approached, in the service of an essentially visual and sensitive dramaturgy.

InSomnio reveals deluded characters and prisoners of their own mirrors, doubles and masks, in a place where desire and frustration overlaps with the essential dream.

Apparently “free”, apparently in search of affection, love, relief from loneliness, daily contribute to an empty prosperity. A cemetery of dreams that mirrors the age of the self, the ego, the numbness, the unconsciousness inflated by noise and excess, where, less and less, it is planned to stop.

Sleeping seems to run counter to the story. 

Premiere 2018 | Gender Street/Multidisciplinary | Language Non-verbal | Duration 43 min. (aprox.)

Concept and Direction Julieta Aurora Santos
Cast Carlos Campos, Luís João Mosteias, Sandra Santos, Sérgio Vieira
Movement Assistance Yola Pinto

Music Tiago Inuit
Video Carlotta Premazzi
Light Design Ivo Vieira

Set Design
Concept Julieta Aurora Santos,
Design and Coordination João Calixto
Technical Drawing and Construction Luís Santos + Teatro do Mar

Props Adriana Freitas
Technical Operation Luís Santos, Sebastião Pinto

Management and Financial Director Sónia Custódio
Production Director Frederico Salvador

Graphic Design Luísa Dias
Photos Alípio Padilha

Creation Support  Imaginarius 2018



Teatro do Mar


Imaginarius - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua - Santa maria da Feira

Tour 2018:

Imaginarius - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua - Santa maria da Feira | Sines | Santarém | Cultura em Movimento - Alhos Vedros | Abrantes | Festival Altitudes - Montemuro | Tábua | FiraTàrrega, Tàrrega [ES] | Mira | Lousã | Festival MAC - La Mercè - Barcelona [ES] | Condeixa | Coimbra

Tour 2019:

Mortágua | Oliveira do Hospital | Figueira da Foz | Soure | Penacova | L'Altre Festival - Barcelona [ES] | Vila Nova de Poiares | Évora | Pinhal Novo | Bucareste | Setúbal | Vila Real | Sines | Festa do Avante | Londres


Resolume Arena, Final Cut